Monday, January 31, 2005

February Events

Crayola has always been one of my favorite sites to visit and they have projects and lesson plans for three February Events -- Black History Month;Mexican Constitution Day and Valentine's Day.

They are a great resource for all things colorful and I love the ability to order a custom box of crayons for a budding artist who is definitely in a "blue period" and ignores all the other colors.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Downunder Coloring Pages

Found in Sharon B's blog entry about Australia Day Celebrations, a link to a set of coloring pages of animals found in Australia. A good stepping stone to studying animals of that most splendid and peculiar continent. Thanks Ettamogah Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

12 Sided Calendar

Looking for a good gift, or just want to learn more about polyhedra? Try this calendar on a pentagon dodecahedron.

Do pay attention to the fact that you will need to print it on legal length (14") paper if you are not using EU standard A4 sized cardstock.

For my favorite crafty kids

I enjoy teaching needlework to young people and have from time to time done a list of links to websites for arts and crafts sites useful to entertain and teach kids on those rainy days or school holidays.

It seems that I keep running across great resources out there on the web and so I decided this subject deserved a blog of its own.

Now, don't expect daily blogging here but do come around once in awhile to see if I've turned up anything new and interesting.